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Oct 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
officers plan to treat sex offenders on halloween night. >> reporter: we will see law enforcement target a small number of sex offenders to get them off the street. but there's other areas that want to ban all sex offenders from participating on halloween and that effort has failed. we know of two things 2-year- old christopher likes to do that's to run and trick or treat. >> i love taking him trick or treating. candy she loves candy. >> reporter: his mother also looks forward to halloween and supports laws that stops sexual predators from participating such as putting out decorations or giving out candy. >> if you're on megan's law list don't bother. we don't want our kids around you. >> reporter: every year, parolees are banned from decorating or keeping porch lights lit on halloween night. but that only applies to parolees. the city of orange in southern california passed an ordnance to force all sex offenders to put a warning sign on their front door on halloween night. but a group called california reform sex offenders law fought them in court and won. we talked to that group
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
city. some say this ban goes too far. it's one of the strictest smoking laws in the entire bay area. it comes with an escalating series of fines up to $500 for repeat violators. as john fowler tells us, walnut creek's new ban is even making some city leaders angry. >> reporter: as of today, no smoking in downtown walnut creek public places within 25 feet of doorways or in any multiunit dwelling, even if you own it. >> it's a bit extreme. i can see the justification for it too. >> i think it's wrong. i any it's wrong. the city overstepped their bounds. >> reporter: restaurant owner and resident patsy acknowledged hearings and a city council vote. >> a lot of people have no idea what was going on. >> reporter: councilman cast the only no vote. >> does the effects of smoking outweigh the private property rights of the individuals within walnut creek? to me the answer is no. i think the community will also say no. >> reporter: he launched this website and says in about 10 days he'll circulate a petition calling for a vote next june. it needs about 4000 signatures. two-thirds of the peop
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2